Upgrade: Potential Future Development

After taking time to review, revisit and evaluate my exhibition, as well as opportunities to muse on feedback from others I have come up with ideas for how I would develop this work if it were to progress to future chances to be exhibited.

As mentioned in my evaluation, I think that the dark space works well together with the video. However I have taken inspiration from first hand research of other video installations to

When working on this project my intention throughout was to produce an experience of sensory overloading the audience. With the fairly limited resources available to me I did this by layering a chaotic mixture of visuals, effects and sounds into one video. With a larger space and increase in time and budget I would love to see the work develop in to a  bank of screens, with more videos spread across each one. The bank could be a sculptural structure in itself, made up of all different style and age screens stacked on top of one another. To me the idea of a bank of screens reminds me of surveillance cameras, an office where a security guard or some kind of authority figure would watch the CCTV cameras. This could translate to this concept as either some kind of high controller, or outside, existing in the dimension of the internet, able to monitor what’s happening via all of these screens. This would then allow the freedom to explore video techniques further and experiment with the video ideas I didn’t pursue. It could be even more powerful if two screen banks were set up facing each other, while the viewer stands in between with them towering above.

Another idea would be to still have lots of screens, but this time arranged side by side on a long shelf in a corridor type space, where the viewer must walk the length of a narrow space with only the screens for company. Perhaps the screens would all play the same thing, each one a second behind the last to produce a kind of audio delay or echo as the audience pass by. Or perhaps the video would unfold as the viewer walked, moving through the screens, a technique often used for digital advertising displays on the London Underground escalators: see an example here 

The screens would be displayed down one side, while on the walls would be hung plain white or block coloured square canvases (inspired by Rachel Maclean), or perhaps sets of drawn curtains with nothing behind, the curtains giving the impression of being in a real corridor, the solid wall behind accentuating a sense of claustrophobia and it all being an unsettling illusion, reminiscent of a bad turn in a nightmare.

A third idea would be to project video work large-scale onto a ceiling to provide a planetarium style experience for viewers. It would be exciting to try and incorporate ceiling mounted screens, too. The audience would have to lay down or recline, already putting them in an uncomfortable position for the context, and I would make use of visual effects that produced the sensation of things falling towards them.

With all of these ideas I feel the sense of an audio-visual assault is priority over content with a strong narrative, in fact the more chaotic the better. I think the audio in particular is very powerful in making the audience feel uneasy so I would work on having different audio played through speakers separate from the video; keeping the message alert and PC start-up sounds, introducing more vocal clips ranging from child-like to deep and distorted to harsh whispers, sparking a sense of voices in our heads, usually associated with madness.

Overall the aim is to produce an experience, one that leaves visitors feeling uneasy, disturbed and confused.



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