Exhibition Statement

I have decided to display two statements for the exhibition.

The first will be a ‘false’ statement, in the style and character of the persona in the video. This will be displayed for the audience to see upon entry.

The second will be my genuine explanation of my work, displayed for viewers to read as they leave.

I have made this decision as my intention is for this work to be an experience, interpreted individually and to encourage the audience to question their own ideas and attitudes before reading my concept.

False Statement


Destination: wuurrrllllddd dominaxion! #grrrlpower [[M




\\#donthatemecosuaintme © [{html}] ||*

………………………………………………………..//?**T0T3Z AMAYZBALLZ; <333

///so excited to share this with you all____________________________///¬“`J



hope you enjoy please like & share & give love! Kkthxbyexxx__//–_`     ¬|


_  _  .__  .__ __             _____ .__  .__ __

__| || |_|  | |__|  | __ ____   /  |  ||  | |__|  | __ ____

\   __   /  | |  |  |/ // __ \ /   |  ||  | |  |  |/ // __ \

|  ||  ||  |_|  |    <\  ___//    ^   /  |_|  |    <\  ___/

/_  ~~  _\____/__|__|_ \\___  >____   ||____/__|__|_ \\___  >

|_||_|              \/    \/     |__|             \/    \/”


Genuine Statement

“Angharad Graham

Destination: BA(Hons) Fine Art

UWE Bristol

Ignis Faatus


“1:  a light that sometimes appears in the night over marshy ground and is often attributable to the combustion of gas from decomposed organic matter

2:  a deceptive goal or hope”


I was curious to explore the role that our online personas play in our lives, socially, emotionally and psychologically, and how this affects our sense of identity and self-worth.

My goal was to question and subvert the behaviour and interactions that have spawned as a result of this modern phenomenon.

I began to explore social media sites such as Instagram to collect observations on trends and themes around posting. Simultaneously I was researching the work of video artists such as Rachel Maclean, Ryan Trecartin and Paul Kindersley. It was at this point that I realised exaggeration and parody would be a more effective subversion than simply mimicking.
These artists inspired me to experiment with video. I consciously chose to film the majority of the footage using a laptop webcam as I wanted to retain an amateur aesthetic.
I used stock footage and clips taken from online browsing and advertising, as well as sound clips from familiar technology and software, such as Skype and Facebook, to produce a sense of chaos and building pressure.

My intention was for the piece to become more and more disjointed as it progressed, conjuring feelings of confusion and unease as an interpretation of the resulting anxiety caused by the expectations and social pressures deriving from involvement with online technology. This also informed the decision to display the work in a dark space, to heighten the sense of claustrophobia. I also wanted to explore the idea of what the internet would look and feel like if it were to occupy a space, or indeed to interpret the space that it occupies in our individual and collective conscious.

I hope the audience will begin to question the role that these technologies play in their own lives and to consider what lies beneath our constant desire to share, comment, like and connect.”

This second statement is a little long so I will need to spend some time condensing it.


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