Exhibition build

For the first few days of set up we all worked together to clear the room and put up boards, filling holes, covering screws and painting them all white.

Once this was complete I was able to begin working on my own space. I have been allocated a whole booth due to needing maximum space for the projector. I started by covering the walls with black weedguard fabric, making sure it was taut and smooth before stapling in place. It was quite time consuming to ensure it was all neatly in place. After we covered the top of the boards with the same fabric to create a roof. This still didn’t completely block out the light so I laid sheets of black paper on top to black out the space. I used black acrylic mixed with PVA glue to paint my screen plinth black.

I tested the projection on the black fabric and decided I preferred that to the suggestion of putting up a whiteboard to project on to as this retained the continuity of the dark space and meant the projection ‘melted’ into the walls rather than appearing like a simple video. However I still felt it needed more depth and dimension so I attached a sheet of light metal – a textured and screwed up scrap – to the wall for the light to land on. This immediately gave the projection more interest and texture. I liked the effect as the piece of metal looks like a screwed up piece of paper so it has movement, conjuring ideas of something being distorted in transit. A peer commented that it looks like an engine. Both of these ideas are in line with the aim of producing the feeling of being ‘inside the internet’.

I contacted the IT department to help me set up a Mac screen to play my video on repeat and turn on and off automatically.


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