Video development – WEEK II

As I got further into the editing process I decided I needed more footage, with more varied content. I decided to go online to look for free stock clips to add into my video. I found the site was a great resource for so many different styles of clips. I especially loved the quite dated looking digital animations that I found. I also discovered some useful clips of showing close-ups of functions such as the YouTube ‘like’ button, as well as a digital clock display and an animated graph of the stock market. These helped to emphasise the digital aesthetic and sense of information overload.

stock footage.jpg

I began adding sound, syncing many of the noises up with visual events and shifts. I made use of speeding, slowing, reversing, flip and inverting clips to accentuate the disjointed nature. I used YouTube tutorials to learn how to add layers to the video, meaning I could make still images flash and scroll across the screen. I did this with headings I had screen-shotted from advertising and emojis lifted from WhatsApp.
To me it wasn’t important that the content necessarily tie together in a logical narrative but that it sparked in the viewers a sense of unease, anxiety, confusion and sensory overload with the over-arching theme of digital and social media.
I personally often find myself intensely observing and analysing everyday images and video content, especially in advertising, picking apart the subconscious messages that are fired at us constantly. This is why I chose to insert text from advertising that I felt insinuated expectations or pressures of how to look, behave or think.

I had some issues exporting my video file from Premier Pro. When the video played back there was nos sound. But after seeking the advice of Yvonne Clissit, the Interactive Media lecturer, I found this was because my source files for the video were kept in different locations. I collated all the source material on one external disk and exported again, this time successfully. I plan to upload the video to YouTube so it will be available for future and I can share it with people who are unable to attend the exhibition.


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