Video development

As I began editing my footage and selecting the clips I wanted to collage together in my final sequence I realised how time consuming the process was. Because of this I decided not to pursue the “video room” (uploading/downloading/uploading etc.) technique due to time constraints. I was initially quite overwhelmed by Premier Pro as I was completely unfamiliar with the program. Fortunately a friend provided me with a basic tools hand-out left over from a workshop she had attended, and I managed to find great tutorials on YouTube (this especially pleased me as the concept of my video is built around the instructional nature of the internet, in particular YouTube, so I thought it was a creative stroke of irony that video tutorials should be informing the process.)

Although I collected lots of screen-grab footage of me browsing the internet I have decided to use these as very short clips that last only a few frames, resulting in a jumpy, disjointed feel while leaving the viewer with a brief impression of the clip without exactly knowing the content. I feel this will be effective in producing an impression of digital content and internet browsing where the viewer can fill in the gaps with their own ideas. I have deliberately begun making the interruptions and effects in the video disjointed and frantic as I hope to spark a sense of unease and anxiety which will represent the same feelings often sparked by social pressures and expectations surrounding social media.

I have produced some flat work, experimenting with ink, wax, bleach, varnish, washing up liquid and cooking oil. I bought some oral syringes from the chemist to see what effect this produced when I filled it with ink and squirted it onto paper. It felt incredibly satisfying and made a brilliant splatter effect. I also experimented with using nail polish to create sheets of marbled paper, along with conventional marbling inks. With all of this work I was inspired by Stanley Donwood’s artwork for the Radiohead album “In Rainbows”. I have always loved these images and personally they represent how I would visualise the internet as a physical space. Full of strange coloured clouds of gas and energy, dark but filled with sparks, connections, drifting blobs and stars of light. I took my ink and marbling pieces and scanned them so I had digital files to work with. I then used Photoshop to invert and adjust the colour balance to produce a more exaggerated, outer space aesthetic. I then categorised the resulting images by colour and animated them into a simple video, colours shifting in the order they appear on the spectrum. I added zoom and pan effects to each frame as well as a dissolve transition to give the impression of falling endlessly inwards and of the shapes shifting and merging into one another. The overall intention is that this video is that it will contribute to the visual interpretation of how information travels via the internet. It will be projected on the wall of the installation and hopefully conjure a sense of space, movement and otherworldliness.

I have begun editing sound clips in Audacity, increasing and decreasing speed and tempo and adding distortion effects such as reverb and delay. I found that with the clips of speech if I sped them up slightly it made my voice sound like a childs, exactly the kind of unsettling effect I was aiming for. I also slowed some down slightly and add echo effects which gave the impression of an official sounding loudspeaker announcement in somewhere like a train station.
I also edited sounds lifted from messaging platforms such as Skype, MSN, Facebook and WhatsApp. Some will ply at random through the video, others have been edited to produce new unusual sound effects. I also intend to include the sound of dial-up internet to spark the memory of viewers old enough to remember it.

I have sourced and ordered several rolls of black weed-guard fabric to be used in the exhibition spaces that need roofs and black walls, including my own. I made sure to calculate measurements of all the spaces before I purchased.


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