Video & Sound ideas

I have decided to concentrate more effort into the video and sound aspects of my installation idea.

I have begun collating sounds relating to digital technology (e.g. dial-up tone, text alerts, PC start-up sounds) which I will then play around with in Audacity, layering together to create a soundtrack. I also intend to play around with distortion as this fits with the concept of being ‘inside’ a space.
I also aim to produce sound files of myself talking, saying phrases and words relating to online culture, to mix in. I will produce a script beforehand so the dialogue has structure.

I need to research the legality of using existing sound and video files in my own work.

A peer passed on a video they found on YouTube called “Video Room 1000”, an experiment where a man made a video of himself explaining his idea – inspired by Alvin Lucier’s “I Am Sitting In A Room” project – which he then uploaded to YouTube, downloaded, and uploaded again. Each time the video lost quality and as the process was repeated again and again it began to lose the human elements of any clear speech or visual features, becoming increasingly abstract and digitised. I intend to explore this process in my own video work.
I would be curious to see if it is possible to layer video files in the same way as in Photoshop editing as this would help to reinforce my ideas of information overload and the experience of everything happening at once.
A similar project was also undertaken using Instagram and the process of screenshotting on a mobile phone:

I plan to make most of my videos of direct screen recordings of me using my laptop, for example everyday sequences such as loggin in to Facebook or performing Google searches. I would also like to include screenshots along similar lines. For these and the videos I have found a variety of directories and search tools which operate in a different way from Google and are also more visual. These include:


Big List of Websites

Wolfram Alpha

I have also started building a list of other sites and videos that I plan to record and common digital sights, such as ‘Loading…’ bars, memes and error messages, as well as the work of video artists that have inspired me.


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