Stage Review

The aspects of this project that I feel have gone well are the research, concept development and feedback. I have continued to explore the work of various artists who use video, collage, paint, photography, print and sculpture. I have maintained a record of visual influences via Pinterest and in my sketchbook. Discussing my ideas with peers has played an incredibly important role in the development of my ideas, as well as the help of Gemma Marmalade in critiques. In terms of practical work I feel I have explored a a good range of media, including photograms, monoprints, collage, video and photography.

In terms of improvement I feel that I could have focused my ideas earlier on in the process. As I was busy exploring several different strands of my idea I fell behind with keeping both my sketchbook and journal up to date with my progress.
As my initital idea was exploring online identity I used mainly my phone to collect photographic material in relation to personas and trends that I was discovering. It was a deliberate choice to use my phone camera and laptop webcam for this work as I wanted to reatain the realistic, amatuer quality. However I also took some persona images of myself in different outfits which looking back could have been executed much better to result in a better quality image.

I had hoped that alongside this work I would be able to develop a sculpture for the Barnsdale Gardens commission but I now realise that this was too ambitious and have run out of time. This has taught me to have realistic expectations of my productivity and time scales in relation to plans.
Generally however I have remained on target with my time plan for the FMP.

Through media development and discussions, in particular my critique with Gemma Marmalade, the subject of my work has shifted somewhat from the outlined in my SoI. When I wrote my statement I explained that I intended to explore the phenomenon of online identity and what role this plays in our lives. As I have experimented and progressed through the project my attention has altered from this more person-centric approach to one concentrating still on the idea of illusion and seeded from research of and discussions about social media, however I am now aiming to portray the psychological experience related to the internet. It is ever-present in most peoples lives in modern Western society, influencing our behaviour and culture and collective conscious, yet the world wide web exists in no tangible, physical space. I am curious to attempt a representation that is all around use, effecting our lives, and yet cannot be seen or touched. This was sparked from discussions with peers where we talked about the fact that use of the internet and social media has created new thought patterns (“I’m going to share this on Facebook later”), new ways of communicating, both directly and passively (messaging platforms such as Snapchat, personal-public broadcast platforms such as Twitter and Instagram), and new sequences of behaviour (e.g. taking a photograph with the direct intention of sharing, using web slang in everyday conversation e.g. “lol”, “hashtag”).
My intention is for the final piece to be an installation, using projections, video and sound to give the audience a sensory experience of occupying this space, that exists simultaneously as an abstract concept and a compartment of our own conscious. I hope that the experience will be frantic, disjointed and distinctly digital.

The range of artists that have influenced me over the course of this project has been great, and I have really enjoyed reading about their work and process. Some are names brought forward from the previous project, Conflict & Culture, some that have influenced my work again and again no matter what, and some new discoveries in relation to my first foray into video and installation work.
In the beginning the works of Tracey Emin, Vanessa Omoregie, Matisse, Beb Deum, Amalia Ulman, Cindy Sherman, Eleanor Antin, Celeste Barber, and images from PostSecret inspired my initial ideas and media tests.

As I started to consider the possibilities I was greatly inspired by Ryan Trecartin, Rachel Maclean, Paul Kindersley, and most recently Hito Steyerl.

I have always enjoyed collage work and spent time exploring the works of John  Baldessari, Jean Faucheur, Barabara Kruger and Linder Sterling whilst considering the possible development of my photographic work.

When considering what my exhibition would look like I was reminded of the unique display style of Wolfgang Tillmans, which in turn led me to researching the work of Marie Angeletti, whose work begins with a Google image search from which she takes images to re-photograph, scan, alter and photocopy,  exploring ideas of reproduction, ownership and visual information.

A huge influence on my abstract explorations has been Stanley Donwood, along with Boo Saville and Alisa Lim A Po. The movement and colour present in the works conjures a sense of the ethereal yet chemical, a sensation I feel relates strongly to the concept of the internet.

Nastya Ptichek’s “Emoji Nation” has inspired me to explore familiar graphics and messages relating to digital technology and introduce screenshots into my work. Installations by Rachel de Joode and Antony Gormley will be useful reference points as I develop my own layout. I will return to explore further two works discovered while researching social media inspired artwork: “Carbonfeed” by Jon Bellona, and “Social Network” by Jeremiah Teipen.

Intentions/ to do:

  • Projection
  • – further ink etc. images
    -edit into video
    -test projector
  • videos
    -test apps such as Vine, Boomerang
    -explore editing in Adobe Premier Pro
    -outline plan
    -gather footage
  • exhibition setup:
    -weedguard blackout material
    -physical/flatwork? e.g. collage, bleach painting, web
  • screengrabs & screen recordings
  • plan and record sounds > edit in Audacity
  • sketchbook up to date
  • journal entries describing new research

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