Gemma Marmalade critique (II)

At this important point in the project I felt it would be useful to seek feedback from an outside professional. I took my sketchbook and exhibition plan drawing to Gemma Marmalade, HE Contextual Studies lecturer and practising Fine Art photographer. I showed her my development work so far, my mood-board and exhibition layout, and discussed influences I had been researching. She was very enthusiastic about my idea and gave me lots of feedback as well as direction to new artists I could research.
She told me that she liked the ideas behind all of the work that I had shown her but felt that my plan for the exhibition risked being too full which could mean the communication of my concept being too diluted. She recommended that I choose fewer strands of the idea to focus on and take forward and keep the other work as valuable evidence of idea development.

I have chosen to pursue the aspect of my idea that is an attempt to visualize the internet. I intend to create an installation, using video, projections and sound, that attempts to give the sensory experience of entering the worldwide web; a physical imagining of what space the internet occupies, both in and outside of our minds. Gemma also recommended that I stick with digital media as much as possible, which I agree with as I feel it will trigger the pre-existing vocabulary and discourse relating to digital media already present in the minds of the audience.

I have chosen to shift focus away from the self-portrait and Instagram focussed side of this project as I didn’t have inspiration to develop ideas further than simply emulating the work of other artists and so did not feel like I was creating anything new. Aesthetically it was also very unpolished and I could not see how I would be able to display it and make clear to viewers that this amatuerish style was deliberate rather than under-developed.
However I do see how this work was worthwhile pursuing in order to develop and inform the evolution of my idea.

Talking with Gemma was incredibly inspiring and helped me to feel enthusiastic and motivated once again by my idea, as well as showing which direction to pursue as previously I had felt a little overwhelmed and confused by the amount of ideas I was aiming to explore.

Gemma’s website


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