Gemma Marmalade

Today I joined the Illustration degree students for their contextual studies session. I watched two presentations about the development of feminism through art history. Afterwards we had an interesting debate and discussion about issues surrounding equality. I then asked Gemma Marmalade, the lecturer and a practicing fine art photographer, for some advice on how to proceed with my project. She gave me the names of a couple of artists who make work based around the subject; Paul Kindersley and Ryan Trecartin.
One of the students included work by Ana Mendieta in her presentation, another artist I intend to research.

After discussions yesterday with tutor and peers aiming to solve issues of how to proceed with my ‘fake’ Instagram account idea I have decided to move away from my initial intention of trying to mimic existing accounts and instead will opt for creating images that are satirical, a pastiche of existing trends and styles on Instagram. By exaggerating them I hope to produce images that play, parody, mock, subvert and in turn question the purpose of the originals. For example a common thing to post on Instagram would be a photo of a Starbucks iced coffee. If I were to take a simple, disposable plastic cup and write Starbucks on it myself I would be posing questions about the relevance of the branding and aesthetic and indeed the intentions behind the posting of the original cliche.
To help me get ideas I found these two lists of cliched Instagram posts and trends from the past year:

In addition to the artists above I intend to explore the work of Rachel Maclean, Cindy Sherman and Eleanor Antin in relation to ideas surrounding persona, performance and pop culture.


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