FMP Reflection (i)

The Easter break has given me time to rest, re-evaluate and I now feel energised and inspired to proceed with my FMP.

We began this morning with a peer critique where we delivered a brief presentation of our ideas and research so far in order to gain feedback. The reactions to my exploration were positive which is reassuring to know that others are interested in this concept and understand what I am trying to communicate. It was suggested that I consider how people, perhaps deliberately, fit into ‘categories’ or stereotypes and why this self-labelling might happen.

I have spent the last two weeks collecting research resources and using notes, scamps and discussions about my ideas with friends to push development of my concept. Discussions and wordplay have been useful tools to help me gain clarity  about the intentions and direction of my project.
My first task now is to write up the analysis and reflection from this research in my journal. Much of my research from the previous project is continuing to inform my ideas so I will also need to review this and outline how it relates to my current work.

I need to insert my notes and sketches, along with my proposal, into my sketchbook. I will also produce a mind-map in my book with the aim of visualising and collating these aspects.

I intend to begin practical experimentations on Friday (15/4) after I have written up and evidenced my research and ideas so far and reviewed my time planning. It is essential that I return to the practice of setting daily SMART targets to achieve as much as possible.
My ideas for practical experiments so far include:

  • Set up ‘fake’ Instagram profile
  • Negative space selfies
  • Body printing/mono-printing
  • Photograms
  • Photoshop (layering photographs)
  • Polyvore sets (definition by consumption/visual narrative)
  • Masks
  • Collage

I have began collating visual inspiration on two Pinterest boards:

  • FMP
  • FMP Sculpture

The second one features sculptural work as I hope to be able to produce an outcome suitable for the Barnsdale Gardens commission. As well as gathering this visual research I will need to revisit the gardens to gather photographs, sketches and a layout of the Winter Border. I also intend to seek advice from professional practitioners regarding suitable materials and processes for an outdoor sculpture.
My aim is that the sculpture will be informed by the social media theme of my FMP but that the overall aesthetic will be relatively abstract and therefore suitable for the commission and still be visually pleasing regardless of it’s concept.

My aim is that once I have completed the summary of my research and ideas so far and related it back to my SoI I will have a clearer sense of direction of what to explore in my practical work.


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