Statement of Intent – FMP

UAL Awarding Body – Foundation


Unit 7 – Project Proposal




Angharad Graham
Candidate Number


BA Fine Art
Project Title Ignis Fatuus
Section 1: Review (179 words)
While studying on foundation I have learned a great deal about my personal working process, including better time management, achieved by breaking tasks down, prioritising and setting periodic targets. I have realised the importance of experimentation and idea development through practical work however I still prefer to start with intensive research before beginning practical work. This is because concept is essential to forming my work, which then informs my process. A clear plan helps me to preserve clarity. Being surrounded by a diverse range of practices in the studio has encouraged me to explore a broad range of techniques in my work. At this stage I do not feel ready to limit myself to a specialism as I am still exploring the potential of different media. I think it is important as an artist to remain versatile and open-minded.
I am progressing on to study BA Fine Art at university where I hope to work within the creative industry in a role that involves engagement with concepts surrounding social, political, emotional and psychological issues to challenge the status quo.
Section 2: Project Concept (206 words)
My aim with this project is to produce work that questions and subverts stereotypes surrounding social media and online personas, and in turn how this effects individuals and people collectively.
I am curious to explore the role that our online profiles play in our lives, socially, emotionally and psychologically, and how this effects someone’s sense of identity and self-worth. It is a relatively new phenomena that has grown to play a huge part in modern life and I am interested to understand what aspects of our personality it highlights. Some research has been done to claim that “selfie-addiction” is a genuine mental disorder which is an example of something I will research further.
I intend to explore the possibility of creating false online profiles and document the reactions to these, as well as physical work around the same concept such as prints, paintings, photographs and textile experiments. These will be influenced by my research and regular process led exploration.Research resources will help to inform the direction of this project. They will include: college LRC for books and magazines, online articles, academic studies, Post Secret, Tate Modern website, the work of artists such as Cindy Sherman, Rachel Maclean, Amalia Ulman, Martin Parr and Tay Kay Chin.
Section 3: Evaluation (95 words)
Feedback from peers has already played an important role in forming my concept so I will continue to seek critiques and responses to my work from them. I will also regularly reflect on progress and achievements as well as relevant learning and experiences by writing entries to my existing blog. To form a final summary I will write an evaluation of the completed project. I also intend to include a comments book, which may also play an interactive role within the concept, as part of the exhibition to display to gain responses from the audience.
Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)                                                       

Borelli, L. (2014). Selfie Addiction: People Who Post Self-Potraits On Social Media Are Extroverted, Social Exhibitionists. Medical Daily. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2016].

Maclean, R. (2016). British Art Show 8. [online] British Art Show 8. Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2016]. (2016). Martin Parr. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2016].

PostSecret. (2016). PostSecret. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2016].

Selfie Addicts. (2016). UK: Channel 4.

Sooke, A. (2016). Is this the first Instagram masterpiece?. The Telegraph. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2016].

Tate. (2016). Cindy Sherman, ‘Untitled Film Still #48’ 1979, reprinted 1998. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2016]. (2016). Art and artists | Tate. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2016].

Waterlow, L. (2016). Is Facebook RUINING your friendships?. Daily Mail. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2016].


Project Action Plan and Timetable
Week Date Week


Activity / What you are intending to do – including independent study Resources / What you will need to do it – including access to workshops




(Research and idea development)

·         Research online culture and evolution of social media sites and behaviour

·         Look into artists who have created work using a persona, or on subject of social media

·         Share ideas with peers for idea development

2 28/03/2016


(Research and idea development)

·         Idea development through word play, sketches, potential character profiling

·         Use Pinterest to create ‘character’ moodboards

·         Seek feedback from peers

3 04/04/2016


(Research and idea development)

·         Explore potential resources for physical personas

·         Technical considerations for online profiles

·         Consider suitable media/techniques/processes

·         Create online survey to gain information about social media habits

4 11/04/2016

(Media and development of final piece)

·         Stage review of ideas so far

·         Begin media experimentation

·         Ensure all research resources are written up on journal; bibliography up to date

·         Feedback from peers (Monday crit)

·         Distribute survey

5 18/04/2016

(Media and development of final piece)

·         Reflect on progress through journal entries and feedback from Monday crit

·         Concentrate media exploration; identify techniques for final pieces

6 25/04/2016

(Media and development of final piece)

·         Begin work on final piece

·         Consider how work will be displayed in exhibition

·         Gain feedback from Monday crit

·         Reflect on progress in journal

7 02/05/2016


·         Start preparation for exhibition resources – submit necessary material orders/workshop dockets

·         Continue work on final piece

·         Feedback from Monday crit

·         Reflect on progress in journal

8 09/05/2016


·         Continue work on final piece

·         Feedback from Monday crit

·         Reflect on progress in journal

9 16/05/2016


·         Complete final piece

·         Feedback from Monday crit

·         Evaluate progress in journal

·         Artists statement for exhibition




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