Stitch artists

While researching for my essay I became interested in processes regarded as feminine crafts in particular the potential of textile and fibre arts. This coupled with seeing the work of my peers meant I decided I’d really like to experiment with stitch in this project. I collected inspiration on Pinterest and discovered the work of Maurizio Anzeri and Ana Teresa Barboza.

Anzeri takes found vintage photographs and adds his intricate stitch work, contrasting history of the images with the modernity of the colourful lines and shapes. The threads could be perceived as an elaborate costume or mask, many of them following the three-dimensional forms on a two dimensional plain. The decoration also obscures the subjects identity.

Barboza combines detailed pencil sketches with brightly coloured embroidery. Many feature women (pencil) embracing wild animals (stitch). Others show photographs of naked women stitching into themselves or pulling at threads emerging from their bodies. The images explore human relationships with animals and female relationships with body image.

I will take inspiration from these works by adding stitch to found imagery to obscure or exaggerate gender within an image.




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