Stage review

So far I have experimented with wet felting and stitch additions to found imagery from Dazed & Confused magazine. I chose Dazed because the styling and models are androgynous and so it was a simpler process to obscure the visual clues to gender.


Inspired by Linder Sterling and Hannah Hoch I intend to produce collages from materials found from Dazed, Men’s Health and various photo books.

I have managed to get a model for a photo-shoot which I intend to style like vintage celebrity portraits from the 1950’s.
Once these are complete I hope to experiment with editing them in Photoshop. Afterwards I will consider producing further photo-montage from them and even developing these into paintings/prints. Alternatively I could print the images on acetate and use them to produce photograms in the dark-room.


At the start of this project I spent a lot of time researching my essay topic and artists that I discovered through this however I did very little reflective writing. My concept of gender is an incredibly broad subject and so I spent a lot of time looking for visual inspiration on websites such as Pinterest and having informal discussions about my ideas with my peers. Unfortunately I did not record any responses or feedback from this time and I remained indecisive for some time meaning I began practical work too late to achieve real development or experiment with any time-based media. It has shown me how important it is to begin practical development early on as this can be just as informative of concept as the initial research.


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