Culture & Conflict – Proposal

Culture & Conflict – Project proposal


Angharad Graham

Word count: 519

While studying on foundation I have learned a great deal about my personal working process, including better time management, by breaking tasks down, prioritising and setting periodic targets. I have realised the importance of experimentation however I still prefer to start with intensive research before starting practical work. A clear plan helps me to preserve clarity. Being surrounded by a diverse range of practices in the studio has encouraged me to explore textile and fibre techniques in my work. At this stage I do not feel ready to limit myself to a specialism as I am still exploring the potential of different media. I think it is important as an artist to remain versatile and open-minded.
Another important source of inspiration has been visits to art galleries and museum spaces. Viewing a variety of work first-hand has helped me to feel part of the art world and keep me open-minded to possibilities. My aims beyond foundation is to study Fine Art at university and beyond that to work within the creative industry in a role that involves real engagement with social change and community development through the arts.

My aim with this project is to produce work that subverts, questions, analyses and re-evaluates the concept of gender and identity in modern Western culture.

I aim to do this by using techniques that obscure or alter visual clues, experimenting and exploring detraction of images through burning, damaging, scratching; layering using Photoshop and photocopies; collage; addition of textile techniques such as stitch, weave and felting; digital and traditional photography; projections; collagraph and ‘direct’ print techniques, as well as collecting existing personal photography and found imagery and materials, examples of observed textures. The intention will be to obscure and exaggerate gender and sexuality to spark questions about the relevance of these visual signals.
I will produce multiple small (approximately A6-A4) textile and collage pieces around these themes and using the above mentioned techniques. I also intend to explore the possibilities of planned photoshoots and potential for ceramic work alongside this.
The use of ‘feminine’ crafts such as collage and embroidery will also be an important element of the concept, by referencing gender norms through media selection.

I will research into the Tuareg people, as well as seeking information about the varying attitudes towards gender around the world through news articles, blogs, and LGBT resources for explanations of various gender and sexuality definitions, modern and historical. Symbolism will be important in this work so I will research colour “meanings” as well as defining a personal visual vocabulary.
I will explore the work of artists such as Emily Roysdon, Francesca Woodman, Miriam Schapiro, Naomi Fisher, Lorna Simpson, Tibor Reich, Rita Ackerman, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Tracey Emin, EJ Bellocq, Grayson Perry, Hannah Hoch and Barbara Kruger.

Feedback from peers has already played an important role in forming my concept so I will continue to seek critiques and responses from my work from them. I will also regularly reflect on progress and achievement of aims through writing entries on my blog. To form a final summary I will write an evaluation of the completed project.

Culture & Conflict Research Resources


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