Final evaluation – parallel language

Despite exploring different possibilities along the way I feel that my final outcome for this project reflects closely my intentions stated in my project proposal.
Overall the process has run a lot smoother than with the previous project as I didn’t have to make the complex technical and time arrangements like I did when working with clay.
I believe I have managed my time well, achieving the aspects I considered most important, and keeping a good record of research and influences at the beginning of the project. There has been work of other artists that I have discovered in the later stages that I feel relates to what I was hoping to achieve and if I were to develop this concept further then I would investigate more thoroughly the work of Dan Flavin, G-Brecht, Rachel de Joode and Joan Fullerton.

I have learned a lot about my way of working. For this work the collection of visual inspiration was very important, meaning Pinterest was a useful tool to not only collect images but to also be able to quickly refer back to.
At the start I knew that I wanted to produce work that conjured an impression or feeling in the viewer similar to my own initial response to reading the passage about the fertilizing room. In my mind I felt it was important to record my ‘immediate’ visual responses as these would be the key to achieving this. However these responses, in particular the image of the gloves which I had intended to concentrate on, were very literal and after beginning the painting I realised there was very little substance or concept that I could justify. Neither the content nor process were interesting or well executed enough. It was at that point, after referring back to my influences, that I decided I should focus on creating something much more abstract and process led. I think I had avoided it previously due to lack of confidence both in the medium and with working in a non-literal, non-figurative style – venturing outside my comfort zone. Yet I was surprised once I relaxed into it how easy and intuitive the process was.  I think this has also helped me to really analyse what elements attract me to an artwork and how I can interpret those into my own work, e.g. the white ‘frame’ idea inspired by Francis Bacon, or the palette and textures of Jessica Rimondi, or the layers and textures of Anselm Kiefer.
Reaching the end of this project I actually feel more inspired than ever to keep creating and would like to find a way to continue exploring the ideas and processes I have started. In my opinion an improvement on what I have achieved would be if I had produced more paintings, experimented more freely with mixed media and collage techniques, and if I had had time to complete the embroidery work. I hope to pursue these all in some way anyway. I could also better record the artists and influence collected later on in the process.
I am satisfied with how I managed my time and that I was not afraid to start again at a late stage with my final piece. The opinions and advice of peers was invaluable in problem solving at this stage. I feel that the breadth of my influences and experimentation continue to grow with my confidence and I am excited to take forward the new processes learned.

For some months now I have been trying to be more open to contemporary art. The trip to London, where we visited The Saatchi Gallery, plus receiving the book “Ways of Looking: How to Experience Contemporary Art” by Ossian Ward, have helped me to be less dismissive and I now feel more open to work that is more intuitive, led by ideas or experiences rather than technical ability. I hope this will help me to become more open regarding the possibilities of my own ideas. I intend to explore more art galleries located in London at the weekend.



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