Final development and influences

My final outcome has changed quite drastically from my original intentions. I was halfway through the embroidery piece mentioned previously and had just attempted the painting of the gloves when I began to have serious doubts. I couldn’t get a clear idea of what I was trying to create, or why. There was very little concept or much to be communicated; I had kept my interpretation very literal. It is true that I had wanted to produce work that gave a more vague impression of a feeling through abstract shapes and colours yet it would appear that, probably due to my lack of confidence or experience in working that way, I had misunderstood my own intentions and gone with an immediate response which was actually more of an illustration than any type of interpretation.
I took this opportunity to seek out the advice of my peers and tutor, going back to my original influences and showing them a small paint experiment I liked the results of. They encouraged me to start again with the painting and focus on getting that right.
I chose to make the subject my vision of the interior of the fertilizing room as this was much clearer in my mind. Throughout the process I kept reminding myself of the work that inspired me: paintings by Anselm Kiefer, Jessica Rimondi and Joan Fullerton (discovered on Pinterest.) The painting developed very quickly as I was much more relaxed and enthusiastic this time, with a clearer idea of what I wanted to achieve, and I finished within two days.

I am really pleased with the outcome of this painting and will present it as my only final piece as it was the only one I had the faith to pursue and also the only one I feel confident I can explain.



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