Stage review & peer assessment

Despite having the Christmas break through the middle of this project I feel I have managed my time well and am on track to complete two final pieces for the deadline.

I have begun my painting. Yesterday I stretched and primed the canvas and laid down a green ground, which I worked further into this morning with yellow, blue, white and a teal/turquoise shade. Once this is dry I can begin painting the gloves. Having worked on test pieces before starting the real thing has really given me a head start with the colours and texture that I’m aiming for. However one improvement for future would be to produce a definite colour palette to work to.

I knew that I also wanted to produce some kind of collage/mixed media piece of my interpretation of the interior of the fertilizing room. After taking part in the textiles workshop last week I decided to use image maker to transfer my ink paintings onto calico. I then intend to stitch detail into these. However I want to use green thread and haven’t yet found one that fits my personal image in my own mind. This means I will first go to the textiles room to request some and if this is not possible will have to purchase my own this week. I am concentrating on the painting while in the studio as I can work on the textile piece at home.

Yesterday I took part in a peer assessment. After reviewing my sketchbook and work so far the feedback was that I need to document the process of my final pieces in my sketchbook and complete a final evaluation. It was good to hear that I seem to be mostly on track with this project. One criticism was that I could have explored more media, which I had hoped to but didn’t feel I had time. I also hope to write up more artist research as there have been practitioners who have influenced me, including with ideas that I may not have been able to pursue at this stage.

My work on my progression continues alongside project commitments. Next week I will begin collating my portfolio ready for my first interview on the 3rd. Although the parallel language deadline has been extended I still hope to finish a few days before so that I will have some time to devote to my portfolio, as well as two competitions that I hope to enter: Inspired By…, run by the V&A and Wellcome Trust, and Secret 7.
I also received the good news last week that my work has been selected to be used as the artwork for the single release from Hazels.


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