Reflection – parallel language

So far on this project I have completed a broad range of artist research and collected visual inspiration via Pinterest boards. Initially I had hoped to achieve 3 outcomes in painting, collage and ceramics. However due to time constraints I have decided not to pursue the ceramic work but hope to have opportunity to explore it further in future. I now intend to complete one painting and a textile/collage piece. Unfortunately my canvas frame is not yet ready so I will have to wait until Friday/Monday to stretch and prime. While I am waiting I will continue to experiment and work on the other piece. Initially I had intended for it to be a collage, somewhat inspired by Anselm Kiefer’s mixed media work, and include some stitching detail in paper. However yesterday we had a textiles workshop where we created prints on calico using Dylon Image-maker and photocopied images. I really liked the results and am considering making use of this technique and working into it with stitching and paint.

The dates for my university interviews are drawing ever closer. I have now confirmed for all five. This means that I need to begin collating work for my portfolio. A classmate has kindly offered to lend me their A1 presentation portfolio and I have purchased some sleeves ready to start filling. Today I intend to photograph some more flat work and hope to take my pots into the studio in two weeks to photograph ready for portfolio. I have got some images of them in place at the exhibition to go alongside.

Alongside my college work I have secured a paid job producing artwork for a friend’s bands new single release. We have now completed negotiations and they have selected the piece from a variety that I sent. I was unsure how much to charge for this work however Sue kindly put me in touch with a very helpful contact of hers, Ted Carroll, who owns and runs Ace Records. He gave me some helpful advice, explaining that as I currently have no design experience I should keep fees relatively low.

The deadline for this project is looming and the new brief is already on the horizon. There has been discussions of a commission from Barnsdale Gardens, near Oakham, for students to produce sculptural pieces for their Winter Garden. We have arranged to visit next Tuesday at 1pm to take a look around and get some ideas. I will begin collating inspiration using Pinterest after that.

There are a few other competitions and outside projects that I would like to work on and this will require strict time management. One of these is run by the V&A for students in adult education. Students must produce a piece of work inspired by something in their collection. We are taking a group trip to London next week where I hope to visit the V&A  and The Saatchi Gallery.


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