Lee Jones – artist research

A tutor at college helpfully pointed me in the direction of these two articles covering the work of Yorkshire based photographer Lee Jones.

The Mirror article

The Daily Mail article

Jones, 28, was employed as a photographer by nightclubs to capture happy snaps of folk enjoying themselves. While working this job, however, he began to notice the seedy side of weekends. When asked about his work by The Daily Mail he states:

“I love seeing how people’s behaviour alters after a few beers,’ said Mr Jones. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good folk out there, but the really fascinating stuff is your average guy who has a few mouthfuls of lager and turns into a wanna-be hulk. They’re in every town and city. I’m positive that these people use alcohol as an excuse to do messed up stuff.”

I immediately related to Lee’s work as he appears to have a very similar outlook on this type of behaviour to my own, as well as communicating a similar viewpoint in his work. The overall style of his images varies. Some employ typical techniques used by nightclub photographers (slow exposure + flash) but with a more ‘realistic’ atmosphere. The black and white images are harsh and give more of a documentary feel. Many are warped and blurred at the edges (may have used tilt and shift, long exposures or after effects) which contribute to the sense of drunken wooziness.


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