Final pieces – plan B…

Although my intention for my project was always to present my pots as the final outcome I soon realised that they were probably not going to be finished by the deadline and that I would not be able to experiment as much by just sticking to ceramics, at least in the time-scale. So I decided to make more collagraph prints. I really enjoyed the process of creating a relief collagraph block and the resulting prints were really exciting as they developed and changed each time and featured such a detailed range of textures. I was fascinated by how everyday debris became such interesting printing material. In my mind my visual interpretation of a drunken mind was fuzzy, with memory blanks, distorted and muddled. To me the collagraph prints lent themselves brilliantly to portraying this. I made blocks using masking & parcel tape, wool, hot glue, foam and cassette tape. The designs were in part inspired by abstract sketches I made when I was drunk. I think the resulting textures are really effective and I hope the viewer feels the sensations of a swirling, disjointed memory that I hoped to convey. I would love for these to be displayed along with the pots.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how my photographs turned out. I scanned the negatives, cleaned up the dust marks and have sent them to the college copy shop to be printed high quality on A4. I will present these as final pieces too.

tips for dust & red eye removal


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