Poster Crit

On Wednesday morning we had a group crit for our poster designs. It was really useful to hear the opinions of Bev, a graphics tutor and practising graphic designer, who gave us some helpful advice about layouts, typography, hierarchy of text and colour palettes. A summary of some of the suggestions she made for changes to posters:

  • Make sure starting image is at least 300 dpi
  • A good rule is to work larger than end product e.g. if poster is A3 work at A2 to ensure quality
  • Use a crop of an artwork to hint at what is to come in the exhibition
  • Keep typography as a secondary feature; let the art speak for itself
  • Include only key information i.e. title, location, date. No point including address, phone no. etc.

She advised me to keep the hand-drawn font for my title, Broad Street, but to create a simple text box and use a plain font for the other information. I have now made these changes and created an A6 invitation for the private view using a crop of the image from the poster and very clean, simple sans serif font.


The following day she also helped us by demonstrating how to create a PDF document for an e-portfolio using Adobe InDesign software which will of course be invaluable when it comes to university applications.

On the subject of university, my personal statement has now been fully checked and is ready to be uploaded to UCAS and I also now have a teachers reference. The only thing left to do is select my choices of unis and courses. I have two more open days planned for next week, at Central St Martins and UWE in Bristol, which should help with this decision.


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