Dionysus (Bacchus) – contextual research

After a tutorial today the subject of Greek mythology came up and Dionysus (known as Bacchus by the Romans) was mentioned. He was the god of wine, madness, fertility, ecstasy and essentially an idol to the revellers and rebels of society.
Just from reading the information on wikipedia it looks as though this would be a great element to incorporate into my work.

Updated 3/11/15:

Looking for links between Dionysus and a cornucopia (horn of plenty, usually filled with fruit etc.) I came across the tradition of drinking horns, usually constructed from real bovine horn or sometimes clay, since Ancient Greek times and present in Nordic and Balkan culture too.

Also been reading about the famous Dionysus cup, a precious piece of Greek pottery that was incredibly innovative for it’s time. There is a lot of interesting symbolism surrounding the image of Dionysus which could be incorporated into my idea



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