Reflection – w/c 12.10.15

Mono-printing on fabric

Experimenting with the use of fabric rather than paper had some interesting results and broadened the possibilities for building patterns and texture. My results have provided me with some useful backgrounds for my poster design.


The introductory workshop to book-binding was such a great skill to learn; a relatively simple process had impressive results. I’d like to use this in the future to make my own sketchbooks or diaries, as well as potentially a mini art book or graphic novel.

Talk from Beach

We were lucky enough to have a talk from professional Stamford-based illustrator Beach. He gave an invaluable insight into being a self-employed, freelance practitioner. He also told us about what the day-to-day work of an illustrator is like. After hearing this I came to the decision that working towards a career in illustration is not for me and I am continuing to aim towards studying Fine Art.

Team crit

As a review of the exploratory stage we all chose our favourite piece of work so far and displayed it, along with an artists’ statement, for others to critique. I selected my expressive mark-making piece of life drawing as I really enjoyed this way of working and am pleased with the resulting composition.
I chose Chloe Bower’s latex tattooed hand piece as my favourite. She had achieved a very accurate skin-tone in the latex. The fact that she chose to decorate it with symbolic illustrations related to struggles within her life appealed to me and helped me to relate on a personal level.

I also really liked the felt sculpture by Catherine Soames. I was impressed by how much detail and effort had gone into this piece of work. Despite the almost ‘cute’ style of the figures the monster gave me shivers down my spine.


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