Survey results – contextual research

I ran a survey using Survey Monkey to gather answers on peoples attitudes towards and uses of alcohol.
I handed it to family & friends and also sent it to all staff & students in the college.
Most of my demographic was aged 16-25 which doesn’t give a fair overall impression however, despite the unbalanced responses, my main concern with this topic has always been the aspect of drinking within youth culture.
My main motivation behind it was to gain answers to the question “What’s the worst thing that you’ve done while drunk?” as I want to illustrate these anecdotes in my work. The responses were shocking, sad, funny and some downright odd. Exactly what I’d hoped for. I’ve copied my favourite answers on to a list which I will then work from.
Below is a summary of the responses to the other questions on the survey:

  • Majority of people first experienced getting drunk under the age of 18
  • It was 50/50 as to a preference of drinking ‘out’, at designated drinking venues, versus at own or a friends home
  • It was also fairly even on the aim of drinking (enjoy the flavour vs wanting to be drunk) however majority answered “both”
  • Many people alluded to drinking in order to alleviate stress or sadness
  • Several people mentioned a negative alteration in their behaviour after drinking, for example becoming violent, aggressive, crying, or losing control of themselves
  • Most refer to non-specific memories of good times with friends as their favourite memory of being drunk
  • When asked what they consider the main effects of alcohol to be many mentioned feeling more daring, resulting in outrageous events, or feeling more confident to dance, talk to new people and embark on new sexual experiences

I also just discovered a website called Hell Sunday Morning, a blogging site that encourages people to abstain from drinking and document their thoughts and experiences, in the hope of raising social awareness and providing support for others.


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