Weekly reflection

Workshops this week covered shading, expressive drawing and fused fibres.

I had a  lot of fun experimenting with the fused fibres technique and produced some good pieces using the vilene.
I’d like to try using plastic and the heat gun to mold around a 3D form; specifically, fired clay. Intend to find some surplus or broken pieces of fired clay or produce a few small samples to test this idea on.

The results of the expressive drawing really surprised me. Although I’ve always liked the idea of creating work in such an immediate and subconscious way I didn’t believe that it could have such amazing results. Initially we had to portray a given emotion and keep our subject secret from others. When we shared afterwards almost all of them were evident and guessed correctly. Transferring the colours and mark-making produced in this session to life drawing also worked brilliantly and it was exciting to see the variety of pieces produced. This technique totally transformed the drawings and I’d like to include a couple of the pieces in my portfolio.
I’ve been considering how useful this technique could be in my project for portraying the sensations of intoxication or the ‘aura’ of drunken behaviour.

I’m currently working on a design for my collagraph plate. So far I have used the internet to search for examples and added a few I liked to my print-making board on pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/angharadgraham/print-making/
However I’ve found it quite difficult to find examples of intaglio collagraph prints.

  1. a design incised or engraved into a material.
    “the dies bore a design in intaglio
    relief printing
    1. printing from raised images, as in letterpress and flexography.
      Visual themes I’m playing with for this plate are neon logo style typography and Roman pottery shapes and decorative designs.

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